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Project Lomka is your exclusive investment opportunity to own a piece of the Slovak High Tatra Mountains. Located in the most popular ski and tourist region of Slovakia, with millions of tourists visiting every year, project will be built in two phases, Residences and Living. The village of Tatranska Lomnica, the top location in the whole of High Tatras sits right under majestic Lomnicky Peak with its 2634 metres. It is accessible from 3 sides, just 30km from Polish border (60km from Zakopane), only 10 km away from the main highway connecting eastern and western Slovakia, and only 15 km from city of Poprad and Poprad Airport.

The project is situated on a large, flat plot of land with an amazing panoramic view of the High Tatras dominated by Lomnicky Peak. Residences will be part of a private, gated community with controlled access, providing owners and visitors with above-standard privacy and security. The land areas of individual houses are very generous and will satisfy every owners needs. Each of the houses will be situated on a land parcel with more than 1,300 square metres. The individual houses will be separated from each other only optically, by use of greenery and trees, allowing owners and visitors to move freely throughout the whole complex.

Each one of eighteen luxuriously furnished Residences will have an interior space ranging from 140 to 148 m2. Plenty of space and intelligent interior solutions for each Residence will allow for accommodation of 6 to 8 guests in maximum comfort, therefore they are ideal for big families or groups of friends. All Residences have their own, spacious terrace facing the best view possible, right toward Lomnicky Peak. Garden Residence will have access to the garden from living room as well as every bedroom.

By the time both phases of the project will be finished, Lomka will expand its services by building and operating fully equipped wellness centre with swimming pool, saunas and private whirlpools, as well as restaurant, coffee shop and a bar.

* “Friends of nature” will certainly be pleased by the fact that Lomka will be built in area, where it is not necessary to cut any large trees, and we have committed to plant a thousand new trees in the vicinity of Tatranska Lomnica for every house that we build.

Location of project Lomka


Skiing – In case you love winter sports, and visit the Tatras during the skiing season, be sure not to miss the most popular resorts. Tatranska Lomnica, Ski & Sun Bachledka and Strbske Pleso, are the top 3 resorts in the area providing tens of kilometers of quality skiing slopes.

GolfGolf resort Black Stork located only 1 km from Tatranska Lomnica, is undoubtedly the most beautiful golf club in Slovakia. With its stunning panoramic views of High Tatras is one of the top destinations not to miss, not only for golfers, but also for lovers of good food and wellness.

Hiking trails – there are more than 600 km of marked hiking trails in the Tatra National Park, leading to the most interesting corners of the High Tatras. Wide range of difficulty levels should satisfy tourists, seeking an active rest, as well as professional climbers accompanied by mountain guides who search for challenging ascents.

Lomnicky Peak – The second highest peak of High Tatras attracts adventurers, nature lovers and families with children. A unique red cable car starting from Skalnate Pleso lifts you right to the top in just 8 minutes. It overcomes an elevation gain of up to 855 meters indulging you in great views of the High Tatra valleys. If you are lucky and visit on a sunny day, you will be able to see places hundreds of kilometres away.

Snow camp – This experience allows you to get know the charm of wild nature as close as possible. It is a unique adventure event, where with the assistance of a professional instructor you will set up a tent and spend a night under the open sky. Ready to accept this challenge? If yes, a unique night awaits you in the conditions experienced by professional climbers in the Himalayas.

Sledging – In the winter months, even the less daring will get their money’s worth. Sledgeing during the day or in the evening is a popular fun attraction for whole families or groups of friends, which we highly recommend. Take the cable car comfortably to Hrebienok and enjoy the ride on the 2.5 km long track full of laughter and screaming.


Ground Floor

Interior – 140m2

Terrace – 60m2

Price per m2

2790 EUR

Total price

558 000 EUR

1st Floow

Interior – 148m2

Terrace – 21m2

Price per m2

3390 EUR

Total price

572 910 EUR

2nd Floor

Interior – 140m2

Terraces – 34m2

Price per m2

3490 EUR

Total price

607 260 EUR

*  Price includes VAT. You can get the floor plan of each of the Residences by clicking on its name. Residences will be completely furnished with high quality furniture, mostly from a prestigious Portuguese brand Laskasas. Each residence has two parking spaces. Owner of each Residence will also own 1/3 of the land where the house is built. Each house has a flat land plot of over 1300 m2. Garden will be arranged by a professional landscape architect.

* * When buying a property, the future owner automatically gets the opportunity to enter into a long-term lease agreement with our company for a period of 10 years, where the amount of the annual rent will correspond to 5.85% of the purchase price of the property. During the 10-year lease, the owner will therefore collect 58.5% of the purchase price of the property. Taking into account the average increases of real estate prices in the region, it can be argued that the investment in the purchase of one of our Residences will pay itself off in about 10 years.

Co-ownership of Residences


As the title suggests, one Residence can be owned by several private individuals. Specifically, we allow up to 5 same size shares. The amount of investment in a mountain residence as well as the monthly costs will therefore not burden the owners financially to the same extent as in the case of full ownership, and at the same time will allow the Residence to be used in proportion to their ownership share. The one-fifth co-owner has the right of use for 10 weekly stays every year.

With this option, we offer the comfort and luxury of our Residences to future owners who do not need more than 10 weekly stays, as well as owners who buy the share in one of the Residences for rental purposes. There is certainly a possibility of purchasing several shares in one Residence or several shares in several Residences. The usage schedule will be initially divided randomly, into full calendar weeks, and will change from year to year. The creation of a fair system of use will ensure the rotation of all co-owners even during the Christmas or other holiday period. Owners are allowed to freely change the dates of their preferred weekly stay between themselves according to their needs. Every co-owner can also sell their weekly stay, to their friends, family, on Airbnb or Booking, etc., and thus earn an attractive return on his/hers investment (please contact us for more detailed information).

Our company will take care of the daily operations. Services such as check-ins and check-outs, changing of bed linen and towels, cleaning, maintenance of the property itself and its surroundings, or ongoing inspection after each stay are a must. We believe that co-ownership will bring future co-owners an excellent ratio of invested funds and experiences that await them in Lomka Resort in Tatranska Lomnica. For maximum comfort and enough time to prepare for the next weekly stay, check-in will always be on Monday after 2.00 pm. and check-out on Sunday before 20.00.

For more information on share co-ownership, prices and availability of individual shares, please do not hesitate to contact us.

6.75% p.a.

Secured Investment

The events of recent weeks have shown in a dramatic light how important it is to protect your capital and investments not only from inflation, but also from extreme, unpredictable events, which can only be done by thorough diversification of the investment portfolio. There are very few investments that have not been affected by the crisis today, but it can certainly be said that investment in real estate and land has been, is and will be the most solid, even in times of great uncertainty. For a long time, our company has been advocating investment products with fixed yield secured by land to be included in investor portfolios. Today’s situation only confirms that you would hardly find better protection for your capital, than investment with fixed yield secured by land in a lucrative location.

It can be said that during the crisis, the king is the one who has free capital or cash, but in the current crisis, even money in bank accounts is not one hundred percent safe and protected. The Deposit Protection Fund is a strong guarantee, but only for deposits of up to EUR 100,000. We are convinced that the current situation requires disciplined diversification of the portfolio, and our solution for the protection of financial assets is an investment product with the following parameters:

  • Duration of the investment 3 years

  • Invest from 2,000 EUR

  • Fixed annual yield 6.75%, paid once a year

  • For investments over EUR 25,000, investment is secured by the deed on a lucrative building plot in Tatranska Lomnica that will be used for construction of Lomka Resort

  • No entry and exit fees


Who is this investment for?

  • Primarily, for investors who are interested in diversifying and protecting their financial assets. Bank accounts are guaranteed by the Deposit Protection Fund only up to EUR 100,000, above this threshold, there is no safety, guarantee and nowadays even no interest returns.

  • The investment is also suitable for investors who invest in rental housing properties, in order to earn rental income. Although the return on this investment is paid only once a year, it achieves a higher return than the average investment apartments, and without related risks and worries with tenants


Are you interested? Investment process is really simple. 



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